EM 2023 Leszno

21th FAI European Gliding Championships - Leszno, Poland, 2023

The 21th Europian Championships of the Open-Class, the 18m-Class and the Two-Seater-Classwere flown from 29th july to 8th of august in poland. The new champion of the Open-Class is Markus Frank flying the single seater EB29R, followed by Tomasz Rubaj JS1 C, and Sylvain Gerbaud third also EB29R. Flying  EB29R Francois Jeremiasse reacht place 4 and Oliver Binder place 6.

Our congratulations go to all pilots!

Results EM2023



DM 2023 Bayreuth

The German Nationals 2023 of the Open Class, the 18m-Class and the double-seater-Class were flown at Bayreuth from 28th may to 09th june. Out of the 22 participants in the Open Class, 10 pilots flew EBs. Six EB pilots took the lead in the competition. First place goes to Michael Sommer, followed by Felipe Levin in 2nd place and Oliver Binder in 3rd place. All three flying EB29R, same as Markus Frank (place 4) and Holger Karow (place 5). Uwe Förster (place 6) follows with the double-seater EB29DR.
The new national team of the Open Class are Michael Sommer, Felipe Levin and Oliver Binder.

Congratulations to all Pilots !

results DM2023

EM 2023 Leszno Poland

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DM 2023 Bayreuth

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